Who & Why


People ask us all the time… why Virtual Reality? Why do the education, consulting and play dates?
Well, this is why… We believe in empowering people and we love experiencing lightbulb moments with people.
We consistently have the “oh crap” moment with people who experience VR for the first time. These moments are quickly followed by a long stream of ideas about how VR could be practically implemented in their business and life.
We believe there has never been a better time to create great quality, immersive content that creates a meaningful connection with your clients. 360 Video and Virtual Reality can be used to give people experiences that enhance their quality of life, transport them to another time and place and improve their ability to absorb and create content.
Every business that Skeeve and Shanti start is about empowering others. Virtual Reality is one of those technology that is going to change the world as significantly as the smartphone has and we believe that we are in a unique position in the way we approach technology and business to assist people utilise this technology in ways that will transform peoples lives.

About VR the World

VR The World is a Virtual Reality production studio that specialises in creating immersive VR experiences. We were founded in mid-2015 by Skeeve Stevens, Shanti Korporaal and Mikey Bayliss after seeing the potential of VR in a number of verticals, specifically with 360 Video experiences.


The founders of VR The World have a vision for what Virtual Reality can do to change peoples lives for the better and want to help people use it in the most effective way.

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