Demo – Practical VR

Audience: People who maintain VR equipment

Time: 4hrs

No. People: 5-15

Prerequisite: None

The Big Question: Now that I have VR equipment in my office or store how do I maintain it? What are the practical everyday practices of

Main Idea: This demonstration is designed to teach staff everything that they need to know about maintaining, updating and using consumer VR equipment. Participants are encouraged to bring in their own equipment so that they get the most out of the session. This is a practical hands on half day demonstration with Q&A and plenty time for fun and inspiration.

The Staff Inspiration Session covers:

  • Viewing videos in HMDs and YouTube
  • Current available VR technology
  • Assistance on your own VR equipment
  • Everday tips for upkeep and maintenance of your VR equipment
  • Q&A, Brainstorming and Inspiration

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