The People

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Skeeve Stevens
Reality Architect

Skeeve Stevens is a leading Network Architect, Futurist, Speaker, Author, Entrepreneur and Advisor to tech start-ups. Shanti (Skeeves wife) and he also founded eintellego Networks (Network Engineering), Niisch (Inspiration as a Service), and FutureSumo – a ‘Futurist consultancy’ that works with businesses so they can understand and utilise future technology to avoid being disrupted and/or distrupt others who are asleep at the wheel.


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Shanti Korporaal
Reality Ambassador

Shanti is a winner of the Anthill 30 Under 30 for 2015 amd 2014. She loves technology having previously worked with multiple IT companies including the carrier Vocus. Her specialties are project management and implementing the dreams that the crazy innovators like Skeeve come up with.



Millie Padmanabhan
Reality Producer

Millie is an art and animation enthusiast, and has been very fortunate to be able to a pursue a career that is part of my soul and passion, I have always envisioned my work to create impact on people’s lives whether it be emotionally, spiritually or physically. This has shaped my work ethic to a great extent as I always put my best foot forward with hope, energy, enthusiasm, creativity and vigour. My software knowledge includes; Adobe Photoshop, After-effects, Nuke, 3DS Max, 3D Maya, Mental Ray, Arnold and VRAY.


*VR The World also uses a few contractors, part-time and casual employees for some of the services it provides. We also have partnerships with a number of other companies in the virtual reality space.

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