Technical Briefing – Formats/HMDs

Audience: Video Tech Staff from 1-5 companies

Time: 2hrs

No. of People: 2-10

The Big Question: What do I need to know about with 360 video formats? How do you get the best results for HMDs (Head Mounted Displays), YouTube and Facebook?

Main Idea: This workshop is specifically designed to teach technical staff how to get the best results from the 360 video formats. We go through the formats required for HMDs, YouTube, Facebook and any other common 360 viewing medium.

This session will help your technical staff that are currently testing and working with 360 video to get the best viewing output for your clients and users.


Technical Briefing – Formats/HMDs covers:

  • The current viewing trends of your clients
  • The different formats for different viewing mediums
  • How to get the best result for each medium

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