Technical Briefing – Production – Rigs/Camera/Software

Audience: Video Tech Staff from 1-5 companies

Time: 2hrs

No. of People: 2-10

The Big Question: What technology do I need to produce 360 videos? What is the full suite of hardware and software available at the moment and what will give me the best value for money?

Main Idea: This workshop is specifically designed to teach technical staff how to get the best results for 360 videos with the hardware and software that is currently available. We walk through everything that is currently on the market and what will give you the best value for money with the scenarios you are planning on filming.


Technical Briefing – Production – Rigs/Camera/Software covers:

  • The current technology that is available – hardware and software
  • The technology that is best suited for different scenarios
  • The best value for money set up
  • What you will need to get your first project started

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