Briefing – State of Play – Specific Verticals

Audience: Executives & Management

Time: 2hrs

No. of People: 2-10

Prerequisite: 1 VR The World VR Briefing or very familiar with Virtual Reality

The Big Question: What is VR, AR and 360 video and how can we use it in our company?

Main Idea: During this briefing we talk about the current state of the VR technology and how it is being used in your specific industry/vertical. We discuss the impacts and uses of VR from technical, financial, customer and competition perspectives.


State of Play Topics:

  • Current technical abilities and constraints of VR
  • How VR is being used in companies
  • How can we use VR in our industry/vertical?
  • How is VR being used by our customers and competitors?
  • What are the financial considerations of VR

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